Character Profile


Gift Given:

Set of Scales

Katie has the gift of reason.

About Me

My name is Katie.  I’m a junior at Woodrow Wilson High School.  I love gymnastics, and I’m pretty good at it.  I like to compete but if I don’t win that’s ok.  I get involved in loads of school activities because of the social aspect of things. 

People seem to be naturally drawn to me, but I don’t understand why.  There’s nothing about me that’s all that special.  I tried out for cheerleading on a dare.  I didn’t really consider it in the beginning because I wasn’t comfortable with the idea of being in front of a group.  But my friends kinda pushed me and I got in.  It’s ok because I look at it as a gymnastics competition.  When I’m competing, I shut out everything around me and I just concentrate on the routine I’m doing at the time.  I’m not even aware that there are people there; I just do my routine.  It’s kinda fun actually.  Cheerleading is much the same way.  I just do the routine. 

I love fashion.  Sometimes when I am perfectly dressed I feel really good about myself.  It gives me a lot of confidence to step outside my box and try something new.  If I could change anything about myself it would be my hair.  My friends love my hair, but they don’t know what a pain it is. 

And that’s me.