Character Profile


Gift Given:

Crystal Orb

Sidney has the gift of imagination.

About Me

Um, I don’t like to talk about myself.  My name is Sidney.  I don’t have many friends.  I’m not the coolest kid at school.  I’m kinda shy, very quiet and rather timid.  But if you push me too far, I can push back.  Peter picks on me a lot and sometimes he gets on my nerves and I can’t stand it anymore, I have to put him in his place.  Sometimes I think he keeps on picking on me until I get mad at him.  He’s such a jerk.

Because I spend so much time alone, I have fun in my imagination.  I’m a daydreamer.  I get bored a lot in class because usually the subject isn’t much of a challenge for me.  When my friends are talking about stuff, I miss a lot of it because I’m off in my own world. And I can see myself doing lots of crazy things, like turning into a zombie, or the creepy laugh of a mad scientist.  (I love science.)

Someday I want to do something super scientifically significant, like find a cure for disease, or create a new chemical that changes the lives of people in third world countries.  Actually, now that I think about it, people only want to be with me because I’m good at science.  Like Peter, he wanted me to be his chemistry partner because he’s not good at it.  He just sits by and lets me do all the work, and I don’t say anything because he intimidates me a little. 

Once in the lab, I tripped when I was carrying a microscope from the cupboard to the counter, and fell flat on my face.  My teacher wasn’t at all happy with me…I broke the scope.  Peter laughed at me, had some snarky comments to make at me, and I was so embarrassed.  My parents had to pay for it, and it wasn’t cheap.  But anyway….

I love movies, particularly science fiction.  The more out there the better I like it especially if it’s a scary blood and gore type of movie.  I love the rush of fear.  Like I love Halloween, and if I dress up for it I am always something creepy and scary. 

I don’t participate in any kind of competition because I probably would just lose.  And I’m not comfortable with rejection so I don’t put myself out there at all.  I’m a follower, then I don’t have to be vulnerable.  I just do what everyone else wants to do.  I am not the cool kid at all.

No siblings in my family, I’m an only child.  My parents don’t do much; my dad rules the family with a firm hand and my mother doesn’t object.

And that’s pretty much all there is in my life…