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“…when the book ended, I wanted more.”

“…hooked from the onset, and thoroughly enjoyed watching the pieces of this story come together.”

“…brilliant work of fiction…”

“Gifted takes the reader on a fun-house ride to understanding how we create our reality.”

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About Gifted

Life is quite normal for six unsuspecting high school students, until one day they each receive a life-altering gift that launches them onto an irreversible path of nonstop adventure.

Now they find themselves battling the cruel inhabitants of a sinister castle, outwitting a grievous giant, and fleeing a destructive tempest, among other incredible events that are all too common in their new world.

Soon the six friends recognize that the most important battle is taking place inside the mind. When their new gifts are properly used in conjunction with the power of their thoughts; super powers and super solutions appear to be supplied… precisely when needed.

But the mind is a powerful tool and difficult to control… mastering it is their ultimate adventure.

Author Kim Griffith with Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher

Author Paul Kotter with Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher

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