Character Profile


Gift Given:

Set of Keys

Charlotte has the gift of will.

About Me

Hi!  I’m Charlotte.  The best thing about me?  I am my own person.  When I want something, I get really focused on it, and I work to get it.  You could say I’m really strong willed.  In fact, now that you mention it, I always want my way.  Sometimes I wish people would listen to me, because I can save them a bunch of heartache if they would do things my way.  I’m usually right and circumstances will prove that in the end more times than not. But you know, people are stupid and they don’t listen.

One of the things I love about myself is that I am rebellious.  I am not the least bit concerned about getting in trouble.  I love a good adventure and if there is an element of danger that’s even better.  I’m a bit of a dare devil.  But what’s really odd, is that even though I love that, I am easily scared of the simplest things.  It doesn’t take much to startle me.  Like, I’m really scared of birds.  The sound of flapping wings, and not knowing where they’re going, and if they land on you…oh my gosh that just scares the living be jeepers out of me. 

The things I’m good at?  I would say math.  I’m kind of a math savant.  It comes really easily to me and I don’t need a lot of explanation to grasp the concept.  While a lot of my friends don’t like math, I get it, so I tutor a lot of students who struggle with math.

I play the violin.  I love music.  I probably wouldn’t have chosen the violin for myself, but my parents thought it would be a good place to start.  I love the piano.  I really love to play the piano and it taps into the part of me that wants to compose music.  Everywhere I go I hear music.  Even in the drudgery of the day when there’s nothing exciting going on, I play music in my head.  I put a song to everything, kinda like in the movies.

And that’s a little about me.