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“If you don’t like to read you haven’t found the right book.”

J.K. Rowling

Perhaps that’s true. There have been some books I’ve read that I hung on every single word. Gone With the Wind, Margaret Mitchell’s American Classic comes immediately to mind. It was the right book.

Most of the time, reading makes me go to sleep. If I do manage to stay awake, I can’t seem to remember what I read. My brain fails to convert what I read to a memory in my brain. I often go back and reread those portions of text that I read 45 seconds ago. It is difficult for me to follow a story line when doing so requires remembering all the previous events. It isn’t often that I read a book. And when I do read, I read it knowing that I won’t remember anything from the story just days after finishing it. While there is some short-term gratification in reading, it doesn’t last. I don’t like to read.

So how is it that someone like me who doesn’t care for reading, can sit down and write a book?

A fiction no less, with a story line complicated by six different characters. If the love of reading was prerequisite for writing a book, then it should hold true that if one likes gardening, one should be a farmer. Or because one loves to sew, one should be a fashion designer. Should it be that one with a passion for reading should write a book? Of course, not. I’ve learned that it doesn’t matter what you love or don’t love, you can embrace a passion and act on it. I discovered a passion I had no idea existed inside me. And it wasn’t until I discovered this passion that the drive to write a book bloomed inside me, growing like a weed.

When the first book ideas popped into my mind, I dismissed them. I found writing boring. The persistent ideas came again, accompanied by a self-assuring thought. “Of course you can write a book. You’re an intelligent, determined woman.” I looked deep inside myself attempting to confirm logically that the small voice in my head was indeed telling me the truth.

The truth was told. The decision was made. I would write a book.

You already know the story of collaboration with my co-author, Paul Kotter. Once that collaboration began, the story seemed to come from everywhere. I was but the instrument for the written word. My mind attracted every detail from some place in the ether, like it was being drawn to me in chaotic order from outer space. This wasn’t coming from within me, but from somewhere outside of me. It was like it didn’t belong to me. My role was to put the chaos in a structured order, to tell the story being shared with me. I just sat at the keyboard, let my imagination go wild, and wrote the words that presented in my heart. The faster I typed, the faster it came. Then as quickly as it arrived, it was finished for the day. With the next opportunity to write, came the same process with swirling energy surrounding my entire being. It was a beautiful, fulfilling purpose.

Back and forth, Paul and I would write and edit. It didn’t take long before all 200 plus pages were written, read, reread, and edited. We had written a book. A very good book. I was excited to say the least. It didn’t matter what happened from here. It could remain on the pages of my computer never to be read by anyone outside of the two of us. I would still be happy. The book was off to the editor and returned in short order with the comment, “I haven’t read a book this exciting since Harry Potter.” That comment touched my heart and my paradigm changed. I could now accept myself as an author. I AM an author; I AM an author who doesn’t like to read.

Being so close to launch we are excited by all the enthusiasm for our book, Gifted. There is a part of me in every character Paul and I created and I love them all. About the six of them, I do love to read. They are real people, born of our imagination, but alive in living color every day in my life. Yes, I am creative. I have a marvelous, powerful imagination. I AM an author. I cannot wait to write the sequel. Paul and I have several books just waiting to be written.

Price Pritchett wrote in his book entitled You², “You have many gifts that you’ve never opened. These are gifts of talent, ability, and ‘reach’ that are yours for the taking.”

Look for your passion. When you find it, it may just surprise you.

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Kim Griffith, Co-Author of Gifted

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